Mass Times

Monday: 10.00a.m.

Tuesday: 10.00a.m.

Wednesday:  i0.00a.m.

Thursday: 10.00a.m.

Friday: 10.00a.m.

Saturday: Vigil 6.30 pm

Sunday: 10.30 am


Currently by appointment only

Safety Guidelines


For the safety of all in St. Joseph’s Church, we ask that each person take responsibility for their behaviour in line with HSE directives:


  • Please sanitize your hands as you enter and leave the church
  • Sanitizers are available at the doors of the church.
  • There is NO sharing of the Sign of Peace.
  • Holy Communion will be given ONLY in the hand and NOT on the tongue
  • Please go up the centre aisle and return to your seat by the side aisles.
  • Children must be accompanied when going to the toilet.
  • The toilet is situated near the entrance.
  • We request that you ensure that children are kept close to parents/guardians at all times and not permitted to move freely around the church.

Please take care when lighting a candle at any of the shrines as the sanitising solutions may be inflammable